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ConformityThe Greek Society Essay - 1111 Words

Conformity: The Greek Society nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Conformity, on a daily basis we conform to the social norms set forth before us by our friends, family and past experiences. Group cohesiveness (the desire to which one has to be in and is attracted to the group) greatly increases conformity. Enter Greek life. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp; nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;We have all seen them, parading down the halls, across campus, and in the Student Union. Strutting around with their number one symbols of pride across their backs or chests, on a sleeve, a pin or hat, GREEKS. Going Greek is a social decision as one enters college. You either are or are not a Greek, which creates a rather noticeable Ingroup\Outgroup situation,†¦show more content†¦The conformity within the organization creates a similarity, a bond between the members. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;It is funny, but sometimes as a Greek myself, I can hear myself, stereotyping people on the way they act, dress, look, etc., as to what Organization?s ideals I could see them most easily conforming to. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Then as the ?good Greek? that I am I introduce these people to prospective Organizations where I think they would fit in, not really giving them a second thought as to where they think they should go. This is how some are influenced to ?conform? and join an organization. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Independents see Greeks as the ultimate conformers, people who all share one brain, a mob mentality of party-ers, and Frat boys, ?sorostitutes? and procrastinators. ?Just another brick in the wall? as Pink Floyd would say it. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Most independents do not have a high opinion of Greeks, based on stories, rumors, movies, and the ?Animal House? images. Their particular view of the so-called ?In-group? it not usually one that they long to be apart of. They do not see Greeks as the ?Ingroup? they view their own particular ?cliques? as the ?Ingroup? they want to be a part of. Independents chose not to conform to the standards set forth by ?founders? they have never met and neverShow MoreRelatedAnalysis Of George Wilson s God Freaking Idiots 915 Words   |  4 PagesGod, Freaking Conformists (A constructed response to a quote by Colin Wilson) Conformity is a thing that most people succumb to unknowingly. A quote by Colin Wilson describes those poor souls as follows, The average man is a conformist, accepting miseries and disasters with the stoicism of a cow standing in the rain†. This quote could be interpreted as an insult of man and their cowardice, but if you look past it and think about the context of the world the quote is applying it becomes a massiveRead MoreRejecting Gender Roles In Sophocless Antigone1262 Words   |  6 PagesRejecting Gender Roles in Antigone Human nature dictates that conformity is a safer choice than expressing individuality. When placed in a situation where one must either remain silent or speak their mind and face severe consequences, there is much less risk in taking the first option. Sophocles, an Athenian tragedian from the fifth century BC, confronted this theme throughout one of his most popular works: Antigone. In the play, the title character must decide if she should honor her brother andRead MoreHappiness and Impossible Standards in Aristotles The Nicomachean Ethics563 Words   |  3 Pageshappiness; the Nicomachean Ethics, a compilation of lecture notes on the subject written by Greek philosopher Aristotle, is one of the most celebrated philosophical works dedicated to this study of the way. As he describes it, happiness can only be achieved by acting in conformity with virtues, virtues being established by a particular culture’s ideal person operating at their top capacity. In our current society th e duplicity of standards in relation to virtue makes it difficult for anyone to attainRead More My Big Fat Cultural Wedding Essay1602 Words   |  7 Pageslong-standing customs of preceding weddings. In the 2002 film, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, director Joel Zwick illustrates the colorful combination of culture and marriage, highlighting the prevalence of rituals within a wedding ceremony, the importance of this connection to the respective bride and groom, and the societal consumption of symbolism as a whole. By analyzing the various themes of religion, family, and emotion in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, we will gauge the true prevalence of cultural inclusionRead MoreThe Characteristics Of Thomas Mores Utopia913 Words   |  4 Pagesplace† or â€Å"no place.† In the novel, More described an ideal communal society that was almost unheard of in his time. His â€Å"Utopia,† whose name was possibly derived from the Greek roots â€Å"ou not† and â€Å"tà ³p( os) a place† (â€Å"Utopia), can ultimately be considered a prototype of a modern welfare state (â€Å"Utopia (book)†). This, combined with a lack of private property and other characteristics, provided the backbone for many experimental societies, both fictional and real, since the book’s publication. There areRead MoreA Sorority Is A Subculture Or A Segment Of Society s Population1452 Words   |  6 Pagessorority. The student must go to pledge night which is a night where all of the sororities invite the girls who want to be in a sorority and interview them to see if they will fit with the other girls in the sorority. These norms are the â€Å"rules† of the society or subculture like the sororities at most colleges (Macionis 58). Then the sorority votes and if they enjoyed the candidate, they will get a bid or notice saying that the specific sorority would like it if the candidate would join their sorority.Read MoreWhat is Considered Beautiful? Ess ay836 Words   |  4 Pagesbeautiful? Why is something beautiful? The nature and definition of beauty has been one of the most hotly debated and controversial themes in philosophy. There are many different theories and perspectives even since the earliest time of history like the Greek philosophers like Plato. Plato believed that there was a universal truth. He claimed that there was a perfect form of beauty which was â€Å"imperfectly manifested in what we call beautiful† (Costandi, 2008). However, he could not support his claim withRead MoreComparing The And The Odyssey998 Words   |  4 Pages 2. The Illiad and the Odyssey were so important to the Greeks because they were great works of literature and contained information of past events’, much like a bible or history book. It shaped their culture and what it meant to be a human being. The events of the Illiad and the Odyssey have been reflected in plays in ancient Greece and in the attitudes of many Greeks on what it meant to be a hero at that time. 3. The city-states of Ancient Greece were organized like tiny independent countriesRead MoreHow Modern Versions Of Medea ( Euripides ) And Antigone ( Sophocles )1246 Words   |  5 PagesAncient Greek theatre is famed for hosting many playwrights that have stood the test of time, nevertheless concepts and ideologies present in traditional Greek theatre have become outdated. Strict gender roles were ever-present in society and a person was judged in relation to his or her compliance with these standards. Ancient Greek theatre hosts many misogynistic examples of the conformity to the gender roles of the time as well as the consequences of rebelling against the gender protocol. WomenRead MoreGreek Life And Its Impacts On Women1108 Words   |  5 PagesAisling Hill Tiffany Solod Advanced Inquiry and Research 20 December 2016 â€Å"Greek Life† and its Impacts on Women Between family legacies, traditions, and an abundance of college themed movies, books, and television shows, it would be difficult to find a prospective college student who is not familiar with the idea of â€Å"Greek life.† For the purpose of this essay, â€Å"Greek life† refers to the system employed by many colleges and universities to establish and maintain fraternities and sororities (primarily

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Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders Essay - 1964 Words

Introduction Early intervention, or intervention provided to children from the ages of birth to three, is a growing and perpetually more important portion of the profession of Speech-Language Pathology. With a growing evidence base supporting the idea that providing speech and language intervention early for children improves outcomes, children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and early Autism symptoms are of particular interest to the field. Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) have varying levels of impairments in language and communication, particularly in the domain of social interaction. The studies in this literature review were conducted to address gaps in research about language interventions for infants and toddlers with early Autism symptoms. The two interventions whose efficacies were tested in these randomized control trials were â€Å"Autism 1-2-3† (A 1-2-3) and Hanen’s â€Å"More Than Words† (HMTW). Both interventions focus not only on the ch ild, but also on teaching the parents to implement early intervention strategies. In early intervention, the parents are the people with whom the child spends the majority of their time, therefore it is increasingly important that parents are empowered to enhance the communication skills of their children. A difficulty that both studies faced is the extreme variability that exists from child to child that has a diagnosis of ASD. A second difficulty was the time spans in which intervention was offered did not allow forShow MoreRelatedChildren With Autism Spectrum Disorder1502 Words   |  7 Pagesby a disorder that affects the very things we need to fit in to society. The ability to be able to fit in, communicate and behave in proper ways, allows us to function, work and survive in life. For many children and adults, they live with a disorder that dictates these behaviors and language skills to be very different from the average American. These skills they are challenged with, ma ke it very difficult to live independently. The disorder these individuals live with is called Autism SpectrumRead MoreChildren With Autism Spectrum Disorder1125 Words   |  5 PagesIn the last decade, the rate of autism has experienced a dramatic increase (Gerber 1). There used to be a speculation of an apparent correlation between the numbers of vaccines children receive and the increase of autism. A predominant controversy regarding vaccinations was whether or not one of the side effects of vaccines is Autism Spectrum Disorder. The probability of vaccines in children resulting in autism was challenged by various researchers from around the world has proven to be untrue (GerberRead MoreChildren With Autism Spectrum Disorder Essay2241 Words   |  9 PagesAbstract Siblings of children with autism spectrum disorder have received little Research attention historically, with most family studies focusing on either the child with the illness/disorder or the parents. More recently, research has identified that these children may need support in their own right, yet little published research is reported to inform this support. The aim of this systematic review was to identify the extent to which siblings of children with autism spectrum disorder facing psychosocialRead MoreChildren With Autism Spectrum Disorder993 Words   |  4 PagesNational Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, Autism is defined as a spectrum disorder (ASD). It refers to a wide range of complex neurodevelopment conditions characterized by repetitive and distinctive patterns of behavior and difficulties with social skills, communication, and interaction. The symptoms start from early childhood and affect daily functioning. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( CDC) approximates ASD’s prevalence as 1 in 68 children in the United States.  The DiagnosticRead MoreChildren With Autism Spectrum Disorder1796 Words   |  8 PagesParenting Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Doctors diagnose one in sixty-eight children with Autism Spectrum Disorder every day. Autism Spectrum Disorder is a developmental disorder that affects children’s social skills, communication skills, and their behavior. The symptoms of ASD range from moderate to severe and vary from each child. Raising typical children is difficult, but raising children with disabilities adds to the stress of parenting. There is a strain on parents who have children withRead MoreChildren With Autism Spectrum Disorder949 Words   |  4 PagesAutism Spectrum Disorder is a frightening diagnosis for most families that can bring with it fears of an uncertain future. Support for children with autism and their families is essential because it isn t something that children will just grow out of. It is a life-long condition, but the right treatment, support and care can create a positive outcome for everyone concerned. Diagnosis Early diagnosis is the most important thing you can do to help your child, as it is the first step in understandingRead MoreChildren With Autism Spectrum Disorder869 Words   |  4 Pageswith children with autism spectrum disorder(ASD) experiences more stress than the typical family without a children with ASD. A previous research study by Baker-Ericzen, Brookman-Frazee Stahmer(2005, p. 194) supports this statement, â€Å"Both parents of children with ASD report higher levels of both parent and child related stress juxtaposed with parents of typically developing toddlers†. In order to comprehend the information of the study, one must understand what autism spectrum disorder is. AutismRead MoreChildren With Autism Spectrum Disorder1493 Words   |  6 Pagestwo million individuals are affected by autism in the United States and it is one of the fastest growing disorders but with very much research being put behind it. Autism can tend to be one of the most confusing and stressful disorders but yet it is still able to be coped with lots of patience. Imagine being put down or not given an opportunity deserved because of something that is out of one’s control, more specifically children with autism spectrum disorder. Parents have a huge role in preparingRead MoreChildren With Autism Spectrum Disorder2302 Words   |  10 Pagesof all children. Children play for many reasons including learning, exercise, stimulation, and for pure entertainment. They are learning and exploring the world around them by testing out ideas and just having fun playing wit h simple objects. However, like language, play is a skill that develops in stages. As a child gradually learns to understand the world around him or her, they begin to play and learn by engaging in exploratory and manipulative play. This is no different for children withRead MoreChildren With Autism Spectrum Disorder853 Words   |  4 Pageswise) (Green, S., Davis, C., Karshmer, E., Marsh, P., Straight, B, 2005) Autism spectrum disorder pose greater threat to the family because of many reasons like the child with autism spectrum disorder is likely to be accompanied by disruptive antisocial behaviour. Second for the parents the process of make an accurate diagnosis and obtaining treatment is often a frustrating experience. Third after the diagnoses of the disorder the proper access to the services available for the child and family is

Health Connect Free Essays

DQ week 2 HCS/482 DQ week 2 Q 1) What types of information systems and what types of documentation system do you have for health information in your workplace? Information system, an integrated set of components for collecting, storing, and processing data and for delivering information, knowledge, and caring patients. Organizations rely on information systems to carry out and manage their operations, interact with their customers (patients) and vendors, and compete in the marketplace. For instance, a health care organization like Kaiser Permanente uses information systems to reach their potential customers with targeted messages over the Web, to process, and to manage their health records. We will write a custom essay sample on Health Connect or any similar topic only for you Order Now * An example web site kp. org enables patient’s to access their lab results, make appointments, and communicate with the providers. * Kaiser Permanente has internet and intranet systems KITS is an example of information system for immunization records * Health connect is throughout the Kaiser for documentation Q 2) Do you have a documentation system that includes nursing terminologies * Yes in health connect we can chart nursing care plans for the patients progress, plan, intervention. * The system is user friendly. * We call it DMS, Nurses can find all the teaching materials. * Physical assessment is documented in health connect. There are flow chart for different system, and it has nursing, and medical terminologies. Q3) What kind of databases does your quality improvement department use? Provide examples * Quality improvement department uses health connect, unusual occurrence report (UOR), radiology information system (RIS), clinical image distribution (CIS), and KITS. * F or patient and staff education Kaiser has a variety of selections of database example CNHAL, PROQUEST. * My previous work Little Co. used Meditech. How to cite Health Connect, Essay examples

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Night Book Essay free essay sample

English 10 3 Mar. 2011 Blood Stained Spirits What was my reaction to Elie Wiesels book Night? The only way I can express my reaction is disbelief. I could not believe how much pain was inflicted on the Jews. I could not believe how the world stood by as this extermination happened. I especially could not believe how Elie Wiesel survived to tell this tragic story. It told of a side to the holocaust that I never even knew existed. All the detailed descriptions of the beatings and circumstances the Jews went through was unbelievable. Elies story seems too inhumane to be real. The Jews were tortured every day for no reason at all other than for the SS officers’ own amusement. The SS officers treated the men as if they were animals, making them fight for food. Women, babies, old, sick, and handicapped were put into the crematoriums as soon as they arrived at the camps. We will write a custom essay sample on Night Book Essay or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Eliezer talks about how â€Å"one day when Idek was venting his fury, I happened to cross his path. He threw himself on me like a wild beast, beating me in the chest, on my head, throwing me to the ground and picking me up again, crushing me with ever more violent blows, until I was covered in blood. (Wiesel 53). That was the life Elie lived, the harsh beatings were always just around the corner. It is easy to understand why Elie has lost all faith in God after what he witnessed. Nothing was too inhumane for the Nazis when it came to exterminating the Jews. As Elie and his father go deeper into the camp they saw a ditch, â€Å"They were burning something. A lorry drew up at the pit and delivered its load-little children† (Wiesel30). The SS thought of Jews as workers and nothing more. The children were worthless to the SS and got rid of them in mass burnings. These descriptions put the reader in the story that Elizer is telling, showing the reader what an awful time and place the Holocaust was. Rations of food were very scarce for the Jews. They were only given enough to keep moving on throughout each day. This was the worst form of torture the SS did. Wiesel Writes, â€Å"I was a body. Perhaps less than that even: a starved stomach. The stomach alone was aware of the passage of time (Wiesel4). The bodies of the Jews were like skeletons, just skin and bones, no body fat between them. So now when the SS officers beat them, the jews they were very weak and took days to recover. Nazis only tortured Jews for one reason: because they could. It seems that disbelief was the only thing Elie saw in people’s eyes throughout the entire book of Night. Those not directly involved with the Holocaust were still alive physically, but their mind and spirit had long been dead. By the end of the war, Elie loses all of his faith in God and his fellow man, and this is the most difficult obstacle to overcome when he is released.

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Competition is racing to the finish line, scoring Essays - Economy

Competition is racing to the finish line, scoring Essays - Economy Competition is racing to the finish line, scoring the game winning shot, or winning the face-off. It is beneficial to the world's economy, politics, education, and athletics. Lighting the fire in people, competition makes them produce faster and at a higher quality. If competition did not exist, there would be no desire for people to produce in a timely manner or at a high quality. Competition has benefits that can be seen in our economy, or in schools and public places of work. Many historic events prove the benefits of competition, such as imperialism. Imperialism showed competition between the world powers to claim parts of Africa or Asia to benefit their economy. Many of the tools we have today such as the printing press, atomic bomb, and the Apple Watch came as a result of the fierce competition that the American society faces. Countries like China and Russia already have modern technologies constantly challenging the United States by making products to improve their society to remain a world power. Americans are required to make new innovations to combat their success. In addition, sports create an enormous amount of profit that benefit the economy. Sports leagues such as the NBA and the NFL account for a large amount of income due to their competitive aspect and high attendance. Competition encourages humans to reach their highest potential. Successes like the winning of the Super Bowl could not be accomplished without the drive of competition. The desire to be the best gives companies and businesses motivation to produce better products. For example, in a socialist society where competition is not present, workers lose motivation to work. Since wealth is dispersed evenly over citizens in a socialist society, no one has a chance of economic growth or decline. As a result, no matter the quality of work, all people receive the same pay for their jobs. No athletes would be able to compete at world level because there would be no opposing team to beat. In conclusion, competition pushes people to their maximum potential . Competition is a driving force in today's society and economy; however, not everybody agrees that it is a beneficial aspect to life. Those who feel that all competitors should win end up creating an anti-competitive society. All sports contests, such as the Olympics or the Superbowl, become a null point when there is no competition. Additionally, when everyone participating wins an award, the belief of self-entitlement is instilled. The belief of always getting what he or she wants is non-beneficial to anyone because in the real world, not everybody wins. If children are not exposed at a younger age, when they are adults, they will be hurt more when suffering loss. As well as some people not liking competition in sports, not everybody agrees that competition is important for the economy. In reality, competition is the most needed aspect of the economy. Nothing would get done or improve if companies did not compete for customers. The drive to be the best is why companies improve the standards of products and work to find more efficient ways to make them. Lastly, there are people who claim that competition brings out the worst in people. While some people react and behave negatively during competition, the statement that competition brings out the worst in people is subjective. World records, new inventions, and improved products are all results of people working to be the best. If these great achievements come from competition, can it really be that bad of a character trait? Competition is beneficial to the world's economy, politics, education, and athletics. It lights the fire in people, and drives them to produce better quality products at a faster pace. If there was no competition, there would be no desire to produce at a rapid pace or at a higher quality. Competition is seen in our economy, politics, in our education systems, and in our places of work. Many historical events show the benefits of competition, such as imperialism or the moon landing. Although some people see competition as a bad thing, it has many good aspects as well. Without competition, our world would not be the same and nothing would improve because

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Chronological List of Medieval Popes

Chronological List of Medieval Popes This table will let you see the progression and frequency of pontiffs through the Middle Ages, from its generally-accepted starting point in the 5th century into the 17th century. List of Medieval Popes 468-483: Simplicius483-492: Felix III492-496: Gelasius I496-498: Anastasius II498-514: Symmachus 514-523: Hormisdas523-526: John I526-530: Felix IV530-532: Boniface II533-535: John II 535-536: Agapetus I536-537: Silverius537-555: Vigilius556-561: Pelagius I561-574: John III 575-579: Benedict I579-590:Pelagius II590-604: Gregory I (the Great)604-606: Sabinian607: Boniface III 608-615: Boniface IV615-618: Deusdedit619-625: Boniface V625-638: Honorius I640: Severinus 640-642: John IV642-649: Theodore I649-655: Martin I655-657: Eugene I657-672: Vitalian 672-676: Adeodatus (II)676-678: Donus678-681: Agatho682-683: Leo II684-685: Benedict II 685-686: John V686-687: Conon687-701: Sergius I701-705: John VI705-707: John VII 708: Sisinnius708-715: Constantine715-731: Gregory II731-741: Gregory III741-752: Zachary 752: Stephen II752-757: Stephen III757-767: Paul I767-772: Stephen IV772-795: Adrian I 795-816: Leo III816-817:Stephen V817-827: Paschal I824-827: Eugene II827: Valentine 827-844: Gregory IV844-847: Sergius II847-855: Leo IV855-858: Benedict III858-867: Nicholas I (the Great) 867-872: Adrian II872-882: John VIII882-884: Marinus I884-885: Adrian III885-591: Stephen VI 891-896: Formosus896: Boniface VI896-897: Stephen VII897: Romanus897: Theodore II 898-900: John IX900-903: Benedict IV903: Leo V904-911: Sergius III911-913: Anastasius III 913-914: Lando914-928: John X928: Leo VI929-931: Stephen VIII931-935: John XI 936-939: Leo VII939-942: Stephen IX942-946: Marinus II946-955: Agapetus II955-963: John XII 963-965: Leo VIII964: Benedict V965-972: John XIII973-974: Benedict VI974-983: Benedict VII 983-984: John XIV985-996: John XV996-999: Gregory V999-1003: Sylvester II1003:John XVII 1003-1009: John XVIII1009-1012: Sergius IV1012-1024: Benedict VIII1024-1032: John XIX1032-1044: Benedict IX 1045: Sylvester III1045: Benedict IX (again)1045-1046: Gregory VI1046-1047: Clement II1047-1048: Benedict IX (yet again) 1048: Damasus II1049-1054: Leo IX1055-1057: Victor II1057-1058: Stephen X1058-1061: Nicholas II 1061-1073: Alexander II1073-1085: Gregory VII1086-1087: Victor III1088-1099: Urban II1099-1118:Paschal II 1118-1119: Gelasius II1119-1124: Callistus II1124-1130: Honorius II1130-1143: Innocent II1143-1144: Celestine II 1144-1145: Lucius II1145-1153: Eugene III1153-1154: Anastasius IV1154-1159: Adrian IV1159-1181: Alexander III 1181-1185: Lucius III1185-1187: Urban III1187: Gregory VIII1187-1191: Clement III1191-1198: Celestine III 1198-1216: Innocent III1216-1227: Honorius III1227-1241: Gregory IX1241: Celestine IV1243-1254: Innocent IV 1254-1261: Alexander IV1261-1264: Urban IV1265-1268: Clement IV1271-1276: Gregory X1276: Innocent V 1276: Adrian V1276-1277: John XXI1277-1280: Nicholas III1281-1285: Martin IV1285-1287: Honorius IV 1288-1292: Nicholas IV1294: Celestine V1294-1303: Boniface VIII1303-1304: Benedict XI1305-1314: Clement V 1316-1334: John XXII1334-1342: Benedict XII1342-1352: Clement VI1352-1362:Innocent VI1362-1370: Urban V 1370-1378: Gregory XI1378-1389: Urban VI1389-1404: Boniface IX1404-1406: Innocent VII1406-1415: Gregory XII 1417-1431: Martin V1431-1447: Eugene IV1447-1455: Pope Nicholas V1455-1458: Callistus III1458-1464: Pius II 1464-1471: Paul II1471-1484: Sixtus IV1484-1492: Innocent VIII1492-1503: Alexander VI1503: Pius III 1503-1513: Julius II1513-1521: Leo X1522-1523: Adrian VI1523-1534: Clement VII1534-1549: Paul III 1550-1555: Julius III1555: Marcellus II1555-1559: Paul IV1559-1565: Pius IV1566-1572: Pius V 1572-1585: Gregory XIII1585-1590: Sixtus V1590: Urban VII1590-1591: Gregory XIV1591: Innocent IX1592-1605: Clement VIII There are 187 medieval popes. Of them, only a handful are considered important by historians. That handful Gregory I, Gregory VII, Innocent III, Nicholas I, Clement VI, Urban II has been included in our resource. Some of the rest is quite interesting; most achieved little of note; still, others reigned so briefly that very little is known about them. It would take, quite literally, years to add them all to this resource. We recommend that if you require information on one of the more obscure popes who have yet to be included here, please look him up in The Catholic Encyclopedia or the nearest offline resource.

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Australia's Apparel Industry Analysis Research Paper

Australia's Apparel Industry Analysis - Research Paper Example The Australian apparel industry can be classified into menswear and womenswear market. In the menswear segment the total revenues in 2008 was $3524.4 million. The compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) during the period 2004-2008 was 3.9%. The total revenue generated by the apparel retail industry of Australia in 2008 was $12.8 billion with a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.4% during the period 2004 to 2008 (researchandmarkets, n.d.). The total number of apparel retailers in 2001 was 10,673 and they were distributed across Australia unequally depending on population density. The apparel retailers were mainly located in key cities like Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and Melbourne. Victoria and New South Wales account for more than 80% turnover in in the textile, clothing and footwear segment (Ahern, 2004). Designer Wears: Australian designers are very well updated of the latest fashion trends in Europe, US and the local trends in Australia. They produce quality fashion products at competitive prices and some of them are also able to compete with international players. Designer wear particularly from Italy are highly respected and accepted by the Australians. Products from Italy usually cater to the premium segment since they are priced high and mainly include high end leather wears. The Australian apparel market like other western markets is highly fragmented or segmented. The segmentation is not only based on income but also on gender, body type, age and aesthetic preference. This result in the market being broken up into small national markets based on lifestyle. Moreover compared to other western countries Australians spend less on apparel because of the moderate climate and their casual lifestyle. Australians spend a large portion of their income on housing, communication equipment and transportation. The price reductions prompted by trade liberalization has reduced the share of apparels in household expenditure considerably in the past ten